If you’re a person who dreams a lot or who remebers his or her dreams, you will probably like this article…

Does it ever happen to you to dream about a song, or simply to wake up with a song in your mind that you haven’t heard in years? 

Happens a lot to me… I hope I am not the only one here!

It’s also very likely for me to dream about a song that I could have heard in the past but I don’t even know its title or artist of it, and usually I forget it before having breakfast.

Music plays a very large part in our day to day life but it has a meaning in our inconscious life too.


You may have dreamt about…

  • Hearing a song that you liked.
  • Been dancing to your favourite song.
  • Listened to music.
  • Heard a mysterious music but couldn’t figure out where it was coming from.
  • Had a musical score for your dream.
  • Wanted to be a musician.
  • Wrote music.
  • Hired a musician.

According the Music Dream Dictionary, If the music you heard in your dream was pleasing or melodious and you enjoyed it, this signifies a happy time in life. If the music may have made you feel joyful, victorious or triumphant, you may have recently overcome some trials and tribulations that had you down and this music may indicate that things are going to much easier for the time being. 

Music indicates a happy, carefree time when you have the time and space to enjoy your surroundings. If in your dream you have been dancing or singing happily along with the music. it can symbolize your happiness level or comfort and security recently: it signifies the release of oppression and beginning of a time of prosperity and many pleasures.


Since music can truly be viewed as the window of emotion it isn’t always happy or pleasing: the music in your dream could have been angry or made you feel sad. If this is the case you may currently be having troubles expressing how you. 

Any type of emotion that you are having that might be uncomfortable, sad or otherwise displeasing can weigh very heavily on your psyche. You may not have even fully realized that something was upsetting you but after hearing some sad music in a dream it may all make sense.


For me it’s actually very rare to have a dream with a song associated to it, I usually only remember the song, but it’s always very fascinating to try understand what our unconscious is trying to tell us and how. 

I want to know your personal experience: which is the last song you have dreamt about? This is mine, which I honestly didn’t even remeber it existed.



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