Share your quarantine playlist!

We all know how hard and intense was this quarantine from a mental, phisical and emotional perspective, but once again music was there to support us and follow us in our transition from one mood to another.

People who otherwise would be socialising normally and holding parties have been forced to self-isolate at home, 

but that hasn’t stopped them from sharing what’s on their playlists as a way of trying to keep spirits up during a depressing time.

Music fans and coronavirus victims from all over the world have started share their ‘pandemic playlists’ via Spotify:

there are an infinite number you can find in the streaming platform, with names like “melodic future bass songs that make me forget about coronavirus,” 

these playlists provide a surprisingly intimate look at how people across the globe are feeling about and coping with the ongoing crisis. 


 I would love you to share with me your quarantine playlist, just one rule: 
5 different songs for 5 different mood… and if you want, you’re very welcome to describe them in the comments. 


This is mine 🙂

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