"Music is different from any art form in the world because has the unique power to take you back to a specific moment in your life."

                       –  Vinnie Paz

The power of a song is huge: it just amazes me how a song can make me feel the exact same way I used to feel when I heard that in a particular moment in the past, and make me live again a certain situation and emotions. Sometimes I even avoid listening to a song because I don’t want to feel some emotions, other I go searching specifically for it because I need these feelings to come back.

I personally would have forgotten a lot of moments if I didn’t associated a song to them, and I am grateful to music for that.

The same song that we all love, speaks to us in a different ways, remind us different things. 

I wanna share with you this song, that reminds me of when I was driving around LA during summer 2017 with a very good friend of mine, it brings me happiness and melancholy.



Do you like this song? If so, what does it reminds you? If not, share a song it has a particular meaning to you and tell me why!


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