COLORES: J Balvin's concept album


The colombian singer and latin music legend Balvin never lets us down and he always surprises us with his original and innovative albums: in the last one, COLORES, every song is named with a color.

The concept is that each of its 10 tracks, corresponding to a different color, is also associated to a precise vibe and sonic mood. “Rojo” deploys atmospheric synths to evoke romance; on “Gris,” a cumbia-derived guitar recalls the sound of Balvin’s Medellín atop a chunky beat, and so on.

He even included a series of “guided meditations” in the album, explaining the meaning that the different colors have for him: the album opener “Amarillo” (yellow) for example, reminds him of joy, and this is exactly what the song transmits you when you listen to it.

In the lyrics, Balvin croons, “¿Cómo te explico? No me complico (How can I explain? I don’t mess around)”/“A mí me gusta pasarla rico (I like to have a good time),” proving he’s still always up for a party.


From the other hand the minimalism of “Blanco” (white), the album closer, —both in its pared-down production and its spartan visuals— makes its counterpart shine in equal measure.

On top of that, he’s shooting amazing creative videos for every song on the record, with the help of his frequent collaborator and director Colin Tilley (who oversaw every video for the album). As you may expect, the videos are consistent with the tone of each song: the accompanying music video for “Blanco”, just to give an example, signals the madness of a world gone blank.

So the lyrics, the sound and the video of the different tracks are perfeclty aligned, and combine all together following a specific order in the album, and respecting the overall Album vibe. As an exercise in sequencing, these bookend tracks represent opposite poles of the Colores spectrum—Balvin’s playground, that has plenty of order.

COLORES in my opinion is a great peace of artwork, and I am so glad he published it during this period: every song gives me a positive vibe, which is what we all need right now.

This is my favourite song, but not my favourite video. Can you guess which video I like most? Which one is your favourite?



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