Music exchange:
let's know each other!


I am very happy to welcome you to the Music Exchange section, which as you might have already understood is meant to make people interact with each other through music sharing (you can share links from Spotify or Youtube).

You will find here a lot of posts where I’ll go through different topics always linked to music, and at the end I’ll ask you to share the songs you prefer based on mood, memories, situations etc.

In this way I’ll get to know you little by little, while you will know me.


  How? Through music!


So let’s begin… who are you?

I would like to introduce yourself in the following comments through a song or also a playlist, and to say why it represent you.


I’ll start, I am Elena and this is my song: it talks about wanting to live at the fullest while we’re here, and not to waste time for superficial things.. it talks about leaving without going back, and these are thoughts and desires that I always have. Plus I love this song since Rosalia is one of my favourite singers, her voice is unreal!

Check it out


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