If I am talking with people who think like me, you’ll all agree that live performances cannot have something magical, and if you have the opportunity to see them in person and not on You-tube, they’ll leave you something special for which you’ll never  listen to that song in the same way again.

When I go to concerts, I either get so emotional o go completely crazy, and I wish I had been to more of them in my life: the last one was Ozuna at the Milano Latin Festival, which is a must have for me every summer.

Unfortunately, nowadays concerts and festivals are suspended , so I often found myself on You-tube, Instagram pages etc. watching amazing live performaces videos, which I never thought to look at before.

I loved Don Omar and Aventura singing live ”Ella y Yo” like they were actually fighting for the woman they’re talking about in the lyrics, and this made me listen for the first time to the actual words of the songs and not just to the beat (which is great).

Even if the performance itself is very simple without coreography or special effects, it’s spontaneous and genuine and this is what makes it unique and also why it gets to the audience hearts.

What’s your favorite performance ever? Did you have the chance to look it live or you found it on the web? 

Share the link in the comments, I ‘ll be very curious to watch it!

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