Born in France and raised in Montreal, Canada, DJ Franck Kash fell in love with music at an early age,
listening to everything from Hip Hop and R&B, to Indie Rock. Combine this with his parents Central
African roots and the musical influences of his older siblings, and the result is what would later become
DJ Franck Kash, a producer and master of ceremonies whose songs have an honest feeling to them.

Part of Franck’s appeal is that his production is as cinematic as it is down to earth. 

He creates sonic experiences that allow him to use music to interpret human emotion and cultivate connections. The result is a sound that is both theatrical and mellow. 

The music is meant to take listeners on a journey
away from their reality while also teaching them something; it is true to Franck, as well as relatable.

 He believes firmly that it’s possible to CHANGE one’s life by changing one’s outlook, and he aims to make music that reflects this belief.

On his debut EP, Handshakes Away From Success, released in February of 2020, Franck uses the 8-track project to take an insightful look at success in its variation of forms and meaning.

What the artist says

“Handshakes Away From Success” revolves around the notion of success which can interpreted in terms of wealth, health, career, family, personal ambitions and the list goes on. Each tracks in my EP to me represents a personal life advice that could be useful to anyone who is getting a hang of this life s**t; I’m a firm believer that you can change your life in one instant, depending on your outlook on things.

I think the concept behind the album is great and personally one of the songs I like the most is “Trust your struggle”… what do you think about it?


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