el flavor colectivo

EL FLAVOR COLECTIVO, IS a colombian group which integrates the afro rhythms of the island within the urban music with an alternative style, brought to life by its producers and composers dcq, darnelt and relax buay,

Under the influence of genres such dance hall, reggae y el afro-beat, the group is characterized by a musical concept which combines  the pacific Colombian rhythms with melodies from Caribe, creating a unique offer in Latin America, with the objective of bringing this new identity to an international level

The value of El Flavor Colectivo is in the origins of its 3 main artists: Chocó, Palenque y la Guajira, areas of high cultural richness and inheritance.  

The tropical essence of this group is embodied in Relax Buay aka “ La Piña ”, DCQ aka el “Coco” y Darnelt aka el “Mango”, forming a unique trilogy of flavors. 



This musical group is brand new: it started at the beginning of 2019, when their singles “Ponte Fyaah” y “Fendi & Moschino” were launched, which marked a new area in the music industry of their country. 

Their new song, “Juana y Mariana”, has just been released and is already having a good success, let’s see what the artists have to say about it!  


In an interview with “Hablame Claro”, one of the main artists explain how much they care about this song and its theme:


” The creative process was pretty spontaneous: everything started putting together different parts that we already had in our minds; we already had the melody, then we tried to build the story around it. We were a little bit afraid of this theme, because we wanted to show respect to it so we thought a lot on how to convey it in the best way. “


The artists did a great job in playing with words and transforming a song that is about Marijuana, in a story about two women: Juana y Mariana.

They prove being responsible because they didn’t care only about creating a good sound, but they consider in the first place their public, which even if from the biggest part is adult, is composed also by kids and younger people. They wanted to do something simple that could meet the tastes of everybody and that even kids could listen to and like.

I personally love how a song with a such good beat and with an apparently superficial theme is actually the outcome of a lot of thinking and passion.

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