Kobie is an American R&B singer-songwriter and Hip-Hop recording artist from Brooklyn, New York. He’s a 360° artist, being also able to play the piano, guitar, and drums.


Kobie’s has been influenced by various big R&B artists such as Chris Brown, Trey Songz, and John Legend. 

Since 2013, Kobie has been performing at various New York City venues and in other places around the world such as Los Angeles for the BET after party and Japan for AfroJack. After all that time, he has been the opening act at multiple concerts for artists such as Lil Tjay, Bay Swag, Christian Combs, PnB Rock, Omarion, Justine Sky, Swizz Beats and more. 



Kobie music is most impactful because it comes from personal experience and spiritual insight, and these are exactly the levels he wants to connect on with his fans. 

Through his art Kobie want people to feel apart of and one with the source, because for him all life comes from one source.

What Kobie intends for his music is to influence positive vibes while allowing people to feel comfortable in embracing their emotions.


Using his life experiences, Kobie was able to harness his inner emotions and deliver projects like “Better Days” and songs such as “Call” and “Alaur.” Kobie is also able to bring out his inner uplifting spirit with songs like “Skip” as well.

I think all of his song have to capacity to resonate a unique, deep and meaningful sound, but I personally go crazy for “I don’t wanna”, which has a very sweet and melancholic tone of voice. 

Kobie, instead, is very attached to the song “ALAUR”, let’s see WHY!

Kobie music

What the artist says

“Regarding a song that has a particular meaning to me, it’s one of my own titled “ALAUR” , which is an aronym for “as long as you are”, and I believe it’s a powerful song because it’s all about blocking out the negatives that people think of a particular person and not believing in the hate they spew towards them”.

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